Why Expert Pruning and Trimming is Important

Southern Idaho Tree Specialists offers best practices in tree care by their training and experience in pruning and trimming trees according to international and national standards.  You benefit from this because your trees will be healthier, less prone to storm damage, and have a beautiful shape to them.

Trees on your property have been associated with increased values to your home and yard, and have additional benefits such as offering natural cooling on hot summer days, wind protection on cold blustery winter days, and desirable habitat for birds and other animals that need nesting places and food.

We provide a range of techniques in strategic pruning and trimming, including crown reduction (reducing the overall size of the canopy to a better balance), crown thinning (removing excessive small branches and twigs to allow light and air to penetrate the canopy and “feed” the tree), crown cleaning (getting rid of broken branches and twigs, loose leaves, and other things that might be a hazard), and dead wood removal (taking out unsightly bare branches and stems that are no longer productive).  

We strongly advise against unhealthy practices that we see in the community, the worst kind being tree topping. Though you might think it is a good way to control growth of your trees, it actually creates the opposite effect by stressing the remaining branches to overcompensate for lost canopy, and it will grow excessive water-sprouts.  These are not healthy growths.  Also, the excessive damage caused by so much cutting can weaken the tree’s defense system against disease and insects.

Topping also ruins the tree’s natural shape and balance, leaving it more likely to fail and potentially cause damage or even bodily harm.

A good pruning job should be just noticeable enough, not a drastic butchery job.  Here is a great example of what we have done to restore a tree that had been topped once.

topped tree with excess branches
Tree before proper pruning. Note the thick mass of branches in the canopy
pruning tree that was topped
Tree after Southern Idaho Tree carefully removed excess growth

A Blend of Science and Art

The simple drawing to the left shows how the highly skilled arborist can envision how to trim and reshape the tree to have a healthy and attractive new shape.