Tree Stump Removal

We have the tools and skill to remove just about every hint of a tree that once stood on your property.  This is very important when you are planning new landscaped areas, building an addition to your existing house, or installing a pool or patio.

Stump removal is often recommended also to avoid tripping hazards or attracting insects that like rotting and decayed wood for their habitat–insects that might like to upgrade to your actual house, garage or out-buildings.  You probably don’t want to hang the welcome sign out for termites, carpenter ants, and other little critters.

Southern Idaho Tree Specialists can grind down and remove the stumps left behind after a tree removal, whether we did the original take-down or not.

Brush Clearing

In addition to ridding your property of old tree stumps, we also can assist with clearing brush and overgrowth of woody plants that can overwhelm you.  While this is not our primary business activity, we are certainly happy to discuss this kind of job with you and provide an estimate and time-frame for doing the job.