Tree Removal

As much as we like to see trees populate our area and lend their beauty to the landscape, it is inevitable that some trees must be cut down because of disease, damage, old age, or presenting a hazard for the community.

Although Southern Idaho Tree Specialists is a local and small tree service without a huge staff, we are trained in the careful method of cutting down trees of all sizes, even those that seem like they would need a lot of people and big machinery.

Your property will be in good hands with use because we maintain highest standards of safety with our personnel and equipment.  We are fully insured and work by minimizing risks to ourselves and your property.  We will provide you with the direct contact information with our insurance underwriters if you wish to talk to them.

When necessary, we will contract with other services for heavy equipment if the job calls for it, and we can be completely transparent to our customers about added costs associated with this.  Getting the job done right and caring for our clients’ property is of paramount importance along with helping your trees live long, healthy lives.