Specializing in Quality Tree Services in the Greater Twin Falls, Idaho Region

Welcome to Southern Idaho Tree Specialists.  Many of you will know us as Landscape Renovations over the past several years.  We are still the same great tree care expertise and serve the same communities we’ve always served, but we thought a name that fits us better for what we do was a good idea.

Tree pruning is our passion and we maintain current best practices for doing trimming for you.  Trees add value to your home and surrounding property that it only makes sense to look for the best care when it comes to trimming and shaping them.  We also do large and small tree removals when it is necessary and can take out stumps to give you a nice, level patch of lawn or a new garden bed for starting your next green project.

We are licensed and insured, RCT #25405 

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Customers in these communities can get a free quote for work from our company because we are located conveniently to all these locales.  

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Pruned tree

Tree Pruning

We specialize in best practices in tree trimming and pruning. We can bring back the healthy beauty of many trees that were poorly trimmed, like those that are topped. Your trees will be a lot more attractive with better shaping, much healthier by thinning thick canopies for air and sunlight circulation, and safer as the loads on the branches provide structural integrity.

Tree Removal

Sometimes we need to take a tree down due to age, damage, or death. You want someone who knows how to do this work properly, minimize potential damage to your property, and has the required insurance to protect you in case there is an unforeseen problem. We remove by climbing which minimizes the mess you might otherwise on your lawn or flower beds because we aren't driving trucks over soft ground.

Stump Grinding

We have the tools and know-how to restore the place where a tree once stood so you can add a garden, a pathway, a new tree planting that is more suitable in that site--your only limit is your imagination. Check out the before and after photos above.

Southern Idaho Tree Specialists

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